Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Little Bundle of Joy

So I have been gone and truthfully haven't done much scrapping or card making in the last four/five months, but I have a wonderful reason.  Here she is..introducing my daughter Wynnre Abigail Rogers.  She was born on 02/16/11 and was 8lbs 10oz.

And here we are two months later and hopefully will be able to get back to card making and maybe getting some jewelry made as well.  Hope to add some stuff in the next week or so.  Happy crafting!


  1. AWWEEEE what a sweet baby!!! Kiss those little cheeks for me! AND you are officially verified into the Bunny Hop Game! You can now win prizes, so good luck and happy stamping!

  2. I love me a little baby!! Hugs o my favorite neice!

  3. aaaaahhhh, how sweeeeeet...a great reason not to be crating...hope you have a great weekend!

    enjoy *~*